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Kogi State

Top 10 tourist attractions in Kogi State that you must visit



Tourists Attraction In Kogi: Driving down the streets of Kogi State alone is a Tourists Attraction on its own. The bustling spirit that fills the Kogi air, makes Confluence City as it’s often called an ever vigorous environ. However, there are lots more tourist attraction sites to explore especially for those who seek in-depth tourism and fun places to visit in Kogi State.

Kogi State is blessed with lots of tourist attractions (Tourists Attraction In Kogi) from Mount Patti Lokoja to the Lugard Rest House down to the amazing buildings scattered all over Kogi Lokoja.

In the entire world, different countries have their unique features, which is why people would want to visit such places. This unique features can be a source of revenue for the government of the country if they are interesting enough for people to want to pay to see these things.

For example Dubai has a lot of nice and fantastic places, Dubai interestingly, was built from scratch it was a desert before it was eventually turned into one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Today, many people visit there and some dream to visit there sometime.

Greece is known for its beautiful blue water and gorgeous Rocky environment. These feature is a tourist attraction and it fetches money for the government of the place and therefore facilitates the development and growth of the area.

Many other countries have these tourists attractions, be it the museums, the structures like the statue of Liberty in New York, America or the Eiffel tower of Paris in France, the land scape, the markets and trading facilities, the food and many others. These features are what makes this place to be well recognized among people of the world.

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Please note that this list of the top 10 tourist sites in Kogi State today, has not been arranged in any particular order and all the tourist sites in this post are one of the best you can find around. Here we go with this list…

  1. The Inikpi statue: This statue was built in memory of Inikpe, the daughter of the first Attah of Igala kingdom who was buried alive on the instruction of the Oracle to restore peace in the land. This site is a cool tourist spot in Kogi State today.


  2. The confluence of River Niger and River Benue: Just as we said earlier, this state is well know for thus confluence, and a visit there is not a bad idea at all.



  3. Iron of Liberty: Located at Lokoja, this marks the spot where slaves that were rescued from slave traders were set free.
  4. Osome Falls, Ukpogo: Now here is a really cool spot that am sure is going to interest you, Osome Falls located in Ukpogo, Kogi State is a stream that makes its way through rocks of different heights before sharply descending in a valley about 50 metres below.
  5. Mount Patti, Lokoja: This is a massive hill towering Lokoja, and another added advantage is that yhe Confluence point of Rivers Niger and Benue can be seen from the flat top.
  6. Holy Trinity school Lokoja: I know you might be wondering why a school is on this list of the top 10 tourist attractions in Kogi State, here is why. This school was established in 1860 by Bishop Ajayi Crowther. It is the first primary school in Northern Nigeria. So want some history, check this place out.
  7. Awo tunnel: This tunnel was a former refuge for the royal family in times of war dug during the reign of Onoja Obari. It is about 1 kilometer long, and you are sure to get a lot of fun there.
  8. Koto Karifi, Okene: This place is said to be a fishing paradise and you can also check it out.
  9. Lord Luggard’s first residence: This is a significant site, and there are lot of history at the Lord Luggard’s first residence and office in Nigeria.

    Lord Lugard Rest house

  10. Late Attah of Ebira’s palace: This is a modern and ancient architecture wonder, and you also get to know more about the Ebira people of Kogi State.

    Ohinoyi of Ebira Palace

    These and more makes Kogi state unique to other states in Nigeria. One should visit Kogi state to see the beauty and wonder, it holds.

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