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God used CEDO to make Nda Aaron an SSA and later elevated him to SA even when the governor was not happy with him due to the fact that he has been collecting returns of 1milion naira from the former administrator of Bassa Local Government (Alumka) every month. CEDO used his relationship with the governor to beg on his behalf and made him SA, the position Alhaji Haruna Isah left for house of Rep after the bye election of Lokoja/koto.
CEDO went to Aaron’s house together with Hon Jimoh Fancy, to beg him not to disappoint them on his elevation and he should try as much as possible to make the governor have different opinion about him.
Recall Aaron was so happy with CEDO that he named his son after CEDO to appreciate his impact in his life and that of his family.
CEDO made Aaron’s office so important that there is certain amount of money going into his office to take care of widows every month which he never gave to any widow till the end of his tenure. Eating that money alone for good 3years is enough to bring a man down from something to nothing.
CEDO also paid for his last house rent on hearing that Aaron couldn’t pay and he was asked to vacate the house, he went to meet the landlady to clear the rent without the knowledge of Aaron, it was later when he went to beg the landlady for more time that he was told that CEDO had cleared the rent.
Why won’t God punish him for bitting the finger that fed him?
Less I forget, CEDO also gave him his first car ever in his life (Camry) which he was using before his official car (Ford) was given to him.
Aaron has stepped on virtually every toe and everybody that came his way directly or indirectly, not minding who you are in the society.
His school teachers, the pastor and members of his former church and even his community Chief of Adankolo whom he threatened to remove from throne because he doesn’t respects him (Aaron) who made him chief. Aaron pointed at the old man publicly while the old man was smiling and asked that Aaron should be taken out of his office before he turns him into animal. You can confirm that from the Chief if am not saying the truth.
Nda Aaron is the most discussed former appointee of the new direction government negatively and even today several people have talked about him. No community in Lokoja that someone will not mention his name.
He carried himself as if he was the governor of Kogi state.
Whatever Aaron is facing today is as a result of his making. I don’t pray for anyone to find themselves in the shoes of Aaron.
It is better you don’t have than to have and lost it. It’s so frustrating, and that’s why Aaron is under frustration today and has to relocate his family to Nassarawa because he can’t bear the humiliation he will face in Lokoja.
Someone can just see him walking on the road and hit him or look for his trouble out of anger of the way he treated them while in power.
The lesson I want people to learn from Aaron today is that: when you are in power, don’t let it control you, try to be in charge and don’t let it change you from who you are to a monster, because after your office, the people you treated like trash in the society are the same people you will fall back to when things turns.
~Chukwuemeka Mohammed
Nda Aaron wife and children 
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