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How I SOLD 3 of my SALONS IN 2016 HAPPILY- Benjamin Atomode



How I SOLD 3 of my SALONS IN 2016 HAPPILY Benjamin Atomode

Benjamin Atomode
Today I went to HALLEYS Place to cut my hair and remembered that in 2009 I HAD a barbering salon called the BISHOP’s CUT with two (2) additional branches later in 2011.
We did well to the point of competing with HALLEYS PLACE the MAIN salon in the state. The Manager of HALLEYS place was Eddy as at that time . I recalled how he took his time to school me on how to run a salon before I started the business then.
In 2016, I saw a movie “MEN THAT BUILT AMERICA “ given to me by a great mind and a destiny moulder Funsho Idowu and in that movie , I saw how John D Rockefeller moved his business to the zenith by understanding that as someone who is in the oil business , he must add rail lines to ensure distribution across the country.
When asked his secret , he said “YOU MUST HAVE MASTERY OVER ANY BUSINESS you operate “. It was on that very day I understood why I could not outshine HALLEYS PLACE.
I SOLD ALL MY SALONS and use the proceed to FOCUS on MUSIC where I have MASTERY (I made what I make from salon in year from music in a MONTH)
Eddy did not just open the salon for business alone , it was his passion. He understood the business and knows what and what it takes .
He does not depend on a 3rd parties for information, he is solely informed about his salon . However, I DID NOT KNOW how to cut hair or make hair yet running a UNISEX SALOON 😂 sorry, the SALONS WERE RUNNING ME 😂 🏃‍♂️


🔥Don’t start a business you don’t have enough knowledge about .
🔥Don’t do a business because everyone is doing the business .
🔥Don’t run a business you don’t have mastery over and lack capacity to procure knowledge.
🔥Don’t be afraid to Switch business when you discover you are on a WRONG track ( travelling to the direction is not the issue, it is your lack of ability and willingness to turn back and face the RIGHT direction that is the PROBLEM )
Atomode Jide Benjamin
Team Lead , Grace Gang
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