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Governor Yahaya Bello: A Star in the Trash



Governor Yahaya Bello: A Star in the Trash

Nigeria has always passed through hard times and managed to breakout stronger and better like a well-polished shoe after a hard trek in a hot harmattan afternoon, as a matter of occurrences, I would have wholeheartedly proposed the saying “It only gets better” becomes a National slogan.

Imagine coup after coup and we always find ways after ways to get better. Imagine the ills, spoils, and destructions of the Nigerian civil war which in all regards and on both sides was a devastating eyesore, then look at how it birthed the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) a monumental gift to the Nation, one of Nigeria’s strongest unifier, the glory of every Nigerian graduate decades after and for generations to come. I could go on and on, but it will only make this writing longer than I intend when all I’m trying to say is there has always been light at the end of every tunnel and a star in every trash we find ourselves. Stars shine and stars guide, so instead of grumbling and fumbling in the trash, it is logical that just like the Biblical three wise men, we find the star and follow its light out of the trash to a whole new direction of greatness.

The Trash

Nigeria has been through very trying times lately, Nigeria has experienced classical recession twice in the last five years, Nigeria is troubled in virtually all angles by the notoriety of the herdsmen menace and armed bandits, the almost never-ending terrorist activities of the dreaded Boko Haram, incessant killings, daredevil kidnappings, the all and around deplorable state of infrastructures, the ever skyrocketing inflation rate, costs and prices, the very devastating living and survival conditions all and sundry because, by implication, insecurity to one transmutes to insecurity to all, unemployment and the tornadic widespread corruption of all arms and quotas of the country. These and more constitute the trash we have found ourselves. Where is our Star?

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October 2020 saw the kickoff of a formidable initially peaceful protest against the unconstitutional, inhuman, and brutal activities of The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) an arm of the Nigeria Police Force supposedly responsible for combatting armed robbery, kidnappings, and other serious crimes. This saw the coalition of Youths from different works of life, tribes, religious and political affiliations, and beliefs. This without mincing words showed that the Youths of the country are still a formidable force to reckon with and their unalloyed demands for a better police force with their 5 key demand shows the youths are waking up to the challenges of a better Nigeria. Though the initially peaceful protests in major cities in Nigeria ended in a devastating turn preceded by the “purported” shooting of live rounds at peaceful protesters by men of the Nigerian Army which sparked an outburst of violent protests and the destruction of lives and properties in major cities. Though the course wasn’t entirely won, but a message was clearly passed. This left a great mark in the scores of Youthful relevance in deciding the affairs of our great country and maybe by implication; A Youthful Commander-in-Chief, implication, The Star!

The Star

During the protests, many political figures shied away from identifying with the course, only a few ever dared to comment on it, one of them is the prominent Governor of Kogi State, Governor Yahaya Bello. Governor Yahaya Bello fondly called GYB has in times past proven himself to be an instrument of true change with a passion for doing the right things no matter what it takes. He tirelessly redefined Kogi state politics and took power back to the grassroots. A critical look at his cabinet shows a larger percentage of youths with over 75%. Isn’t that thought-provoking, in this time and tide when the old dominate the political space?

Before his miraculous emergence as governor of the state, Kogi State was heavily divided along ethnic and religious lines, but his administration managed to change the narratives within a short while and now there’s unified hope for the future of Kogi State and an assurance that of strength in unity something never dreamt of in the past. He’s a unifier with zero tolerance for segregation hence the commissioning of his massive developmental strides cut evenly across every nook and cranny of the state irrespective of religious, ethnic, and political affiliations something very hard to boast of in a country where political leaders are heavily nepotistic.

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Governor Yahaya Bello is a Financial Literate with a University Degree in Accounting and an MSc in Business Administration this knowledge and expertise he used judiciously to turnaround the economy of Kogi State from heavy indebtedness in such a short while. He fought tooth and nail with the “powers that be” to bring the widespread Ghost workers prevalence to a grinding halt, an action that made fifth columnists bash him from all angles and project him to the whole world as a Governor who derives joy in owing his workers and now, Kogi state boasts of a steadily increasing Internally Generated Revenue owing to his rigorous investment and management strategies that birthed and maintains the Omi Rice Factory, Kogi Super Cement among others. The State was recently ranked among the least indebted states in the Country. What a miraculous turnaround! Imagine the effect of such Midas touch on the Nigerian Economy!!!

When Governor Yahaya Bello came into power, the State was heavily mesmerized by crime and criminals of all sorts ranging from armed robbery, kidnapping, and lawlessness just to mention a few. This made it generally unsafe to reside and do business in the state, but with his determination, he wrestled hard to end the menace, now Kogites can sleep with both eyes shut and this drew so much attention and earned him prestigious awards in that regard.

Governor Yahaya Bello’s achievements are countless to mention, but not mentioning his Administrations’s gender-friendliness will be a great de-service to his recently earned Gender Equality Award by the National Council for Women Societies (NCWS) in collaboration with Global Gold Consult.

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Imagine a Nigerian State with about 45% female inclusion in governance! This even beats the Beijing Fourth World Conference of 1995 on Women’s’ declaration of an expected 35% female inclusion in Governance. A female ADC, Head of Service just to mention a few.

Follow the Star

The young generation has a lot to benefit from a striving economy, zero tolerance for nepotism, a secure federation, and a corruption-free Nigeria, who best to bring about this desired change than the Youths themselves? A very important attribute of leadership is a productive experience built on success stories as only someone who has walked a particular path or a seemingly familiar path can lead you to that direction and this Governor Yahaya Bello possess in its entirety.

We’ve experienced a whole lot and just like logic suggests; ”You can’t get a different result by doing the same thing the same way” It’s time to take a new direction and walk down the aisle to a new Nigeria, the Nigeria of our dreams only then can our aspirations for a better Nigeria for us and future generations come to reality.

It’s time to look towards the direction of someone we can trust, a direction of hope, a direction of technocracy, a direction of good track records, a direction of unification, a direction of security consciousness, a direction of gender equality, a direction of civil sensitivity and ultimate respect for the rule of law, a direction with heartfelt love for the citizenry, I welcome you to a direction of Youthfulness, a New Direction led by the Star, Governor Yahaya Bello our brightest choice for 2023. Just like the three wise men, let’s follow the New Direction of the Star.

Raphael Momoh
( Twitter: @natureboyraph)
Graduate Town Planner|| Creative Writer|| Trained Sales Person with a Passion for Leveraging Product Transparency, Promoting Brand Values, and Driving Sales with Effective Customer Interaction and Feedback.

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