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Facebook Page vs Personal profile, Things to know



Facebook Page vs Personal profile, Things to know

Today, I’m going to share with you the differences between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile and then break down exactly. Which one is better when it comes to generating leads and sales for your business.  So let me just get started with sharing some of the key differences between your Facebook profile and your Facebook page.

And the key difference here. Is that on a profile, you have limit So that means, you can add other people. Other people can add you, and Facebook allows you to have up to 5,000 friends on your profile. You will be able to see what your friends are posting on their profile, your friends can see your content as well. And also you can freely message each other, as long as you are friends and directly connect with that. Let’s take a look at a page. So this is my page right here and pages are primarily used for business. When you don’t have friends, you have likes and followers. Now, there isn’t a limit to how many likes and followers that you can have on your page, but it’s not like a profile friends where you can just freely. Message the followers have to message the page itself first in order for you to have a conversation with those people, other real difference between your page and your profile. When it comes to marketing, is that you can run ads using your pay. And we want to remember this because this is going to be very important when we’re considering which one to pick when it comes to marketing your business. So now that you have a better idea of the T differences between your page, in your profile, on a dive into some of the pros and cons of each.

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When it comes to marketing and generating leads and sales for your business, so I’m gonna start with our profile because this is really where our expertise are in your. We were able to build a six-figure business, organically using Facebook. And a lot of it is using our Pro for the biggest Pro when it comes to your profile, is that the organic reach is much higher and you’re going to get a lot more visibility compared to your business page. And if your friends list is targeted and it consists of your ideal customers, which is something that we I teach on this channel and we’re going to be teaching inside this playlist on how to build up that friends list. But if it is your ideal, customers, you’ll get more of the right, people seeing what you’re posting and also going to get more awareness for your brand and business. And overall that’s going to lead to more leads and sales. Also, your profile compared to the page is going to be much better when you’re doing organic marketing because you can freely message, your friends and have a conversation with come. Unlike your page you can be more active on your profile starting conversations  asking where they’re at, what their current situation is like, and whether your offer or your product or your service is a good fit for them. So if you’re doing any sort of organic marketing Facebook profile is going to be much better than your Facebook page.

Disadvantage of Facebook Profile

You’re only limited to 5000 friends, right? So if you’re looking to really scale to big numbers, obviously 5,000, people isn’t a lot. If you’re just starting off, you’re looking to go from 0 to 10 K 10 K to six figures. definitely a profile is a great way to get start and also your profile isn’t really meant to be for business. So there isn’t a lot of analytics when it comes to the content that you’re posting. So there is quite a bit of testing and guessing involved with the content that you’re putting out. Now. The biggest con would be, you can’t run ads on your profile or is that pretty obvious? So, like I said earlier, it’s a good way to get started. But if you looking to scale, you want to reach bigger more people and you have more

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 pros and cons for the Facebook page

The biggest Pros obviously is that you’re going to be able to run ads which is a great way to scale your business and you’re going to reach a lot more people much quicker. Plus, there’s more functions with your business page, that’s going to be helpful for businesses. For example, there’s going to be more analytics so you can take a look at, you know, what time’s your followers, you know, are on Facebook so that you can find the best. Time to post your content, you can customize the look of the page more to Liking unlike your profile. And you can also schedule posts in advance. So, you can bash create a bunch of different content in one day and just schedule it throughout the week. So, yeah, these functions do make it a lot more business-friendly.

Now, the biggest, Cons when it comes to your Facebook page, is that is pretty much paid to play.  The organic reach is awful. Very, very, very bad. And that makes sense because Facebook wants you to pay to reach those people, because that’s how they are are going to profit. So do not rely on organic traffic in organic reach when it comes to your Facebook page. So you’re probably wondering Evan, which one is better for me.

So here’s what I recommend when it comes to marketing and selling your products and services on Facebook. If you’re just starting off, I would recommend starting off with your profile and leveraging organic marketing to start generating, some leads and sales and cash flow for your business. What I’ve seen time and time again, especially for beginners they rush into paid ads because that’s what they think is going to get them quick result.

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I’m not saying paid as don’t work pay, that is absolutely amazing. It’s a great way to scale but paid ads is not that easy to take the ton of skill to make it work. And even some of the most seasoned marketers on the planet. Right now. They spent a ton of money ,

So I’m not saying it can’t work for you, but what I’m saying is don’t expect to put in a hundred bucks and get $200 tomorrow,  You need to be testing the right method/adset that world for you. Meaning you need to be willing to burn some cash in order to make paid ads work. Don’t have that big ad budget? you’re not willing to spend that money right now? you don’t have consistent income to fund Those ads? don’t start with paid ads. Start using your profile and start using organic marketing strategies to build up the skill set and build up the cash flow to be able to reinvest into a

So, what I typically recommend is once you start hitting 10K months, consistently for at least three months in a row. Now, that’s when you can start considering reinvesting some of that money that you’re making into ads.

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