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10 Tips to get Adsense Approval in 2020 And Make Money



10 Tips to get Adsense Approval in 2020 And Make Money

A blog has to follow certain conditions to get the approval of Adsense. But some bloggers apply for AdSense without fulfilling these conditions. Due to which their blog becomes subject.  And disappointed with this, many bloggers leave to blogging. But this is not the right solution to this problem. If you want your blog not to be Reject. And in the first attempt, you get Adsense Approval!

So read this article completely. Because this article has given information on this subject.

100% Adsense Approval

I created my first blog on Since then, I have created dozens of blogs and websites. Then i was blogging for passion but doing it in a very wrong way, I applied for Adsense but it wasn’t approved. Because the content was very less. And the articles were also quite small. Apart from this, there were many other drawbacks.

So Google asked to apply the shortcomings and then apply back. And after a week, I removed all the shortcomings and applied again. So it was approved very easily. But the earnings were very less. So I created a blog so that I could earn more. On another blog, I wrote a long 16 posts. And applied for Adsense. But this time the blog was rejected due to problems like Speed and Usability.

That is why the deficiencies were corrected and applied again. And easily got Approval in the second time. But earnings were still very low. So I created a blog. And this time, Adsense’s Approval was found in the first chance. But now it has become difficult to manage three blogs. That is why the latter deleted both the blogs and published their posts on the first blog. This made Google Baba so angry that he blew my blog.

New Blog: Adsense Approved

I started this blog by buying Hosting. And by publishing only 14 posts on it, apply for Adsense. So approval was received without any problem. Because I had prior experience. So there was no problem. But I am thinking that the bloggers who apply for Adsense for the first time. They have no experience. In such a situation, when their blog is subject, then they will feel so bad

Thinking this, I have written this article. In this, I have talked about the Terms & Conditions and Essential Requirements of Google Adsense. Also, it has also been told that while applying for Adsense how old should your blog be? How much traffic should it bring? How many more articles should be there? Also, how to make the blog ready. That Adsense’s Approval can be found in the first attempt.

  1. Top-Level Domain
    A domain name is very important for a blog or website. Because this is what identifies a blog. That is why definitely use a Top Level Domain for your blog. Such as .com, .ng, .net, .org, .info etc. This will not only make it easy to get the approval of Adsense. You will also get good traffic.

If you are using Free or Sub Domain then it can be difficult to get approval. So before submitting a blog, definitely buy the domain. Also, definitely map it with your blog. So that it is easy to get approval.

How old should the domain be to get the approval of Adsense? So there is no definite answer to this. When I first applied for Adsense, my domain was around 8 months old. But it was rejected nonetheless. At the same time, this domain ( was only 17 days old. But even then it was easily approved. So the age of the domain does not matter to me. Just your blog should be fully setup. And the content should be good. Approval will be relaxed.

  1. Responsive Design
    This is extremely important. Because not everyone uses the same device. Someone uses a computer, someone uses a tablet, someone uses a laptop and someone uses a Smartphone. In such a situation, the design of the blog should be such that it opens correctly in every device. That is, no element of any page is torn or cut off from the screen. Because it causes a lot of trouble for the users. And Google is quite strict about this.

That’s why pay attention to the design of your blog. Use a good Responsive Theme. And properly design the Header, Footer and Sidebar. Also, use Logo and Favicon. And properly navigate all the important pages, categories and menus of the blog. So that users do not face any problem.

Pay little attention to the blog’s homepage. Do not put Image or Animation in the background. Also, choose colors carefully. The background of the blog should be such that the text and links are clearly visible. Such as Black or Blue Color Texts on White Background. Also, organize your articles section-wise. And keep the homepage absolutely clean.

  1. Fast Loading
    The blog
    should have Loading Speed ​​Fast. Because Google gives more priority to Fast Loading Sites. That’s why if you use Widgets, CSS Files and Java Scripts all over the world on your blog! Then remove them. Because of this, the blog slows down. Which makes it difficult to get the approval of Adsense.

That’s why to use a Lightweight and Fast Theme for your blog. And keep the page size below 100KB. Also do not use HD and Full HD Images. Because this unnecessarily increases the size of the page. Due to which the page takes a long time to load. That is why use images by compressing them.

  1. Important Pages
    It is very important to have pages like About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Copyright and Terms and Conditions on your blog. Because these pages give important information about your blog. Such as give complete information about the subject, purpose, content, copyright policy, privacy policy and terms and conditions related to the use of the blog. That is why it is very important to have these pages. If you do not have these pages on your blog, then Google will react to your blog. So while creating a blog, definitely make these pages.
  2. Original Content
    Your content must be original and unique. That is, it should not be copied from anywhere. Because Copied Content to Monetize can not be. That is why check thoroughly before submitting Blog. Is there any content on your blog that is not copyrighted to you. If there is such material, remove it first and then apply.

Let me tell you that Content here does not mean just Texts. Rather, everything is published on your blog. Such as Photos, Videos, Animations, Graphics, Audio Files, Documents etc. That is why check each and every material thoroughly. And remove copyrighted content. So that it is easy to get Approval of Adsense.

  1. Supported Topics
    All your articles must conform to Google’s Terms & Conditions. And no article should be on Unethical Topic. Such as content promoting Hacking,, Cracking, Piracy, Drugs and illegal things. Because these Topics are like this. Who violate the Google Adsense Terms and Conditions. That is why Google does not tolerate such Topics at all.

Apart from this, if you tell the specifications of Gadgets on your blog, etc. Or you can download songs, movies, apps and games, etc. Even then your blog will not monetize. Because such content is copyright protected. Therefore, avoid writing posts on such topics.

  1. Posts In All Categories
    Any category on your blog should not be empty. That is, there should be posts in every category. For example, if there are 10 categories on your blog, then there should be posts in all 10 categories. Actually, by looking at the empty categories, Google understands that your blog is not yet complete. And Blog Content lacks. That’s why Google reacts to your blog.

That is why do not create too many categories in the beginning. Only make 4-5 required categories. So that every category has enough content. And none of the categories remain vacant. Along with the categories, your posts and pages should also be complete. That is, no post or page should be empty. Otherwise Google will reject your blog. Therefore Blog Submit fully Kanplit your Blog before.

  1. Length of Posts
    The length of the Post matters a lot for Google. But the question is how long should a blog post be? That is, how many words should it contain? So there is no perfect answer. Because the term limits of posts also vary according to different categories. For example, a Poetry Blog and Tech Blog posts have a wide variation in word-limit. Because on Tech Blog you can write any number of long posts. But this is not possible on Poetry Blog.

In this case, if you want to write an SEO Ready post. So your post must have at least 250 words. But at the same time, 250 words are too short for Information Based Articles. Because in such a few words, no information can be given on any topic. That’s why writing least 800 words. If your blog post contains 1000 to 1500 words, then there will be more. Because it will be easy to get Approval of Adsense.

  1. Blog Traffic
    Blog Traffic is an important factor for Adsense Approval. But even more important is the source of traffic. That is, where is the traffic coming from? If Search is coming from Engines and Social Media. So there will be no problem in getting approval. But if you are taking traffic with the help of unethical methods (Bots, Auto-Click Scripts etc.). So your Adsense Application Reject will be done. That is why do not take traffic incorrectly.

To get the approval of Adsense, you must have at least 100 visitors to your blog. If the traffic of the blog is less than 100, then do the Traffic Increase first. And then submit your blog. So that Blog Reject is not there. You can take help of Social Media to do Traffic Increase.

  1. Remove Other’s Ad
    If ads from any other Ad Network are showing on your blog. So please remove them. Because of this you may have difficulty in getting Approval of Adsense. So until Approval is received from Google, do not place any Ad on your blog.

Apply For Adsense

Submit your blog to Google Adsense after fulfilling all the conditions mentioned above. And wait a few days. Because during this time Google will do multiple testing of your blog. And will detect Errors. If your blog has completed all the Tests. So Approval of Adsense will be found without any problem.

But if your blog failed in a test. So you will get an email from Google. In which it will be told what are the deficiencies in your blog? And how can they be fixed? That is why, by fixing those deficiencies, you will have to apply again.

Get Adsense Approval

If you want your blog not to be Reject. And get the approval of Adsense in the first chance! So follow all the above-mentioned tips honestly. And complete your blog completely. Especially, all your links should be in working condition. And error should not come when clicking on any link.

If you have deleted any Post, Page, Category or Image etc. So its URL Proper ways Redirect, please go ahead. Otherwise, your Adsense Application Reject can be caused by Broken Links. That’s why check before submitting a blog. Whether all your links are working properly or not? Is there any error coming?

Earn From Adsense
As soon as your Blog Adsense Approved. You will have a mail titled Your site is now ready to serve ads on AdSense. What do you need to do next along with Publisher ID? Important instructions will also be found about this. You have to login your Adsense Account by following these instructions. And have to paste on your website by generating Ad Code.

After pasting the Ad Code, the ads will start appearing on your blog. And your income will start. Let me tell you that there are many types of Ads on Google Adsense. From which you can choose your favourite ads. Also, you can customize your ads as you want. If you want to earn more and more. So do the Traffic Increase of your blog. Because of the higher the traffic, the higher the earning.

Adsense Summary
If your blog is completely complete. And follows all the Terms & Conditions of Google Adsense. So your blog will get 100% Adsense Approval. Because Google will not have any reason to reject your blog. But it is your job to set up the blog completely. That’s why make your blog complete. And then apply for Adsense. So that your blog is approved in the first chance.

Hope to get 100% Adsense Approval through this article? And how to get 100% AdSense approval on a blog? You must have got a lot of useful information on the subject. If you liked this article, like and share it. And for such enlightening articles, subscribe to So that whenever we publish a new article, you get its notification.

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