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When GYB becomes PYB:

I know that the power of political godfathers and parasites feeding off the public patrimony through their lackeys in office will be broken.

I know that the courage and political will to do what is in the best interests of the nation will be abundant and the overall welfare of the citizens will become the No. 1 priority of leadership.

I know that terrorism, banditry, kidnapping and all forms of syndicated crimes against the state will come under intense fire, wither and become history.

I know that habitual nepotism in the conduct of government business whether on the basis of tribe, religion, gender, or class will become history.

I know that habitual corruption in the conduct of government business will be crushed.

I know that Affirmative Action for our women and their inclusion in the highest levels of government and the private sector will be guaranteed.

I know that reforms will be undertaken no matter whose interests is standing in the way.

I know that our institutions will work for the people and systemic good governance is a done deal.

I know Nigeria will get better deals in the Politico-Socio-economic sphere of global horse trading.

But most importantly I know young people will sit at the table to design policies and chart the path to a progressive and prosperous new Nigeria.

I know that with all of these will come enhanced employment, enterprise growth and infrastructural development in health, education, agriculture and other sectors.

Most importantly, I know that nation building and patriotism will again come automatically to Nigerians who will once more live in a country they love and can sacrifice for.

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How do I know these things?

I have known and worked very closely with the man for nearly 20 years. We have traversed all terrains, from banking relationship, through business, to consulting, into politics, and for the past 6 and a half years, undertaken refreshing adventures in governance together as Governor and Deputy Governor of Kogi State respectively.

So when I say ‘I know him’, believe that I truly know the man.

It’s just the plain truth, and our work in Kogi since 2016 can justify these claims any day. Making Yahaya Bello President of Nigeria in 2023 is simply writing a history of our future, today.

397 days and counting.
Chief Edward David Onoja
Deputy Governor, Kogi State.

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