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8 untold Tips For Credit Card Security



8 untold Tips For Credit Card Security

The increase in technology and digitalization has given rise to multiple ways of conducting financial transactions without the physical presence of both parties.

With The emergence of ATM machines and e-commerce boost all over the world, the use of credit cards for online transactions has become an everyday task and a common practice among people.

However with the ease online banking and e-commerce transactions brings also comes the risk of being a victim towards fraudulent activities carried out online. In as much as we can use our credit cards and purchase things from the comfort of our homes, we still run a risk of losing our funds and our credit card details to hackers and Evil perpetrators.

But shall we because of this hackers decide not to enjoy the benefits and comfort which will get from easy online transactions all credit cards? I guess not.

Therefore we have to employ every means necessary to secure our credit card details from the hands of fraudsters. In this article we shall be exploring some ways which you can use to strengthen the security of our credit card and ensure have similar transactions online.

8 untold Tips For Credit Card Security

  1. Secure your details from day one.

From the moment you get your credit card from the bank, en sure you do all the necessary assignment at the back of the credit card and make sure you change the credit card PIN right away. Use a pin that is only known to you and no one else. Create a unique password which is not used on any other account do not use the same password for different bank accounts or financial processes.

  1. Keep your financial details private.

The credit card details should be kept very private especially when you are out in the public. Do not give your credit card details to anyone except the bank officials on merchants you trust. Hackers often send  messages pretending to the bank officials and asking for your credit card details and bank account info, make sure you did not send your bank account information to anyone via text message or calls.

  1. Browser and device security

If your credit card details are stored on your browser, you could be at risk of losing your money for being defrauded. To ensure you are not loosing your details to scamners with your browser, disable the autofill function on your browser. You will have to manually input your card details anytime you want to make transactions online. Also consider using digital wallets as they are more secure and make use of encryption and authentication systems.

  1. Report suspicious events immediately and review your account often.

Once you lose your credit card orl Suspect a fraudulent activity on your account, ensure you contact your bank officer immediately so that it can be blocked and no one can access it.

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Also it is advisable you review your account from time to time. Some banks allow you to enable email notifications for your credit card and also you can check your transactions with your bank app.

Tips For Credit Card Security Online

Tips For Credit Card Security Online

Make sure you purchase from a trusted merchant. The platforms  from where you make purchases should have a security protocol in their website. The website should have a “https” where the S stands for security,  with a green lock appearing beside it.  This shows that the website is secure and it is safe to transact on.

Do not store your credit card details on any online platform.

Use trusted online payments sources such as PayPal, cash app, Android pay,etc.

Do not use public Wi-Fi to conduct online transactions as they are vulnerable to hackers.

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Adhering to these tips will enable us to transact online Without Fear of losing our hard-earned money. Ensure you are always security conscience when it comes to your financial transactions.

8 untold Tips For Credit Card Security



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