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419: Man Accuses Khalifa Abdulrahman Okene Of FRAUD.



Ismaila Ohiare Isah has accused Khalifa Abdulrahman Okene of Book Fraud, This come after 1yr launch of a book titled KHALIFA: THE BOOK

Khalifa Abdulrahman Okene, you and your boys have fraudulently manipulated my intellectual property for over a year.

You have severally made promises to pay but weren’t Muslim enough to keep same.

I hereby urge you to leave the Hon. Justice Usman, a highly disciplined fellow, out of this, and do the needful as I will NEVER hesitate to use all legal means, including Media, to fight you.

This is not just for the face book, as you are not big enough for me to eyeball and repeat same,if and when necessary.

We have not gotten enough details about what reall happened between them, and as at the time of this report we are unable to reach Khalifa Abdulrahman Okene

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